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Why your store 'About Us' must be amazing!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

People love a good story. A lot of things we do for joy is related to a good story: movies, books, tv shows.

Now if you can tell a good story of your brand, your customers will become more attached to you, and they will appreciate you.

Most business owners usually have one of these two options: No About us or a Poor About us.

Now, why is 'About Us' extremely important?

  • It helps you connect with your audience on a personal level.

  • It helps you create more than just a store, it helps you create a brand.

Your brand must have 'Why'.

Why did you start selling these products?

Customers want an answer to that.

People buy a story, not a product.

It is different for every business out there.

You should think:

  • "Who is my perfect customer?"

  • "How can I connect with him and reach him on a personal level?"

Tell your customers what inspired you to start your business.

This will set you apart from your competitors.

If you do it correctly you will make a brand and sustainable income for yourself while the others will be out there for a few months, and they will be done.

People buy based on emotions, they buy feeling, comfort. Don't sell the product, sell them feeling and emotions.

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