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How to write killer subject lines that triple your open rates?

What are subject lines?

Are strategically written, attention-grabbing lines with the sole purpose of getting your subscribers to open your email (to click).

Subject lines are the front door of your message and most of you spend 95% of your time focusing on the body copy of your email but most subscribers won’t see that if you don’t focus on the subject line!

So why would you send an email if no one would read it?

Doesn't make sense….

A great subject line needs to communicate the promise of value, needs to tell your subscribers that what's inside will benefit them and it needs to build trust, all of this in just a couple of seconds.

Not an easy task.

So in this article, we will give you a couple of tips that you can start using right now to write subject lines that stand out among the sea of other emails and get your subscribers to open.


Creating some urgency is the most undeniable way to get your subscribers to open your emails.

Because of the simple reason that people hate missing out.

Urgency implies that there’s a short period of time for someone to act, communicating urgency and scarcity is an easy way to increase your open rates.

But be careful not to overuse this tactic because customers will realize that the sense of urgency does not necessarily exist, and your open rate may decrease.


Using curiosity on your subject lines creates an open loop that triggers a strong urge in your subscriber's minds to fill that gap of missing information.

The best way to create curiosity is using cliffhangers…

Other ways you can use is maybe asking a question or promise them something inside


When you tailor an email to a specific person they are more likely to act on it.

Think about this...

You go to your mailbox and find two envelopes:

one SCREAMS there’s a flyer inside with a promotion that a brand just sent to thousands of mailboxes.

And the second one is a handcrafted envelope with a letter inside that a friend just wrote specifically for you.

Which one would you read?

The second one cause, it's personal

So the more personalized your subject lines are, the more subscribers will look forward to opening your emails.


It’s proven that a short subject line gets more open so try to write subject lines with no more than 50 characters long


Addressing subscribers by the first name in the subject line increases the chances of your email being open by 10-15%

Numbers included in subject lines have been shown to increase open rates at incredible rates, something as simple as saying the number of points that will be covered about x subject or putting a number of hours or days an offer is available into the subject line, is enough.

These are some tricks you can use right now to boost your open rates! Let us know how these tricks worked for you.

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