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Want NEW Customers? This is for you.

1. Analyze your buyer journey

You’re currently running FB ads to your landing or presell pages…

And sending leads to your email list.

Analyze your entire funnel. What parts of the funnel have high drop-offs?

Come up with ideas on how to improve these areas and test!

2. Improve your ads

Don't let your customer scroll past your ad because it's boring. No one wants to consume ads that feel like ads.

Many people are still like this.

So how do you fix this?

Write ads that don’t look like ads.

Your ads should tell a story while helping your audience solve a problem.

It should look like a natural post that doesn’t let on that you’re promoting a product or service.

They’ll click the link.

Also, try other social media platforms for your ads.

Depending on what you sell, Tik Tok and Pinterest are great places for running ads.

Find popular influencers to promote your products.

TikTok’s algorithm allows you to get in front of millions of people.

3. Increase your AOV.

Increase the average order value on each customer by fleshing out your offers.


- Upsells,

- Downsells,

- Order bumps, and

- Product bundles...

To get more revenue from each customer.

4. Strengthen your marketing message

People do not buy from you because:

- They don’t believe in your message.

- They don’t have the funds.

Most times, it’s usually the first option.

Your marketing message is not strong enough.

How do you fix this?

- Focus on your customer’s problems, not on your products.

- Back up all your claims with facts and data. Never make bogus claims.

- Have a unique mechanism that solves their problem better than your competitors.

- Tell stories that captivate your audience and convince them to become customers.

- Use Zeitgeist marketing strategy: Connect your message to current happenings in your prospect’s world.

If you enjoyed this blog share this with a friend who is in need of more customers or better marketing.

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