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8 Money-Saving Tips for YouTube Ads in 2021

Are you thinking about running Youtube advertising for your business? These 8 money-saving tips will help you save money on Youtube advertising.

#1: Remove video partners on the Display Network. This is turned on by default but will produce low-quality views.

#2: Exclude embedded and live-streaming videos. Again, these are turned on by default and should be turned off to prevent paying for low-quality views.

#3: Exclude TV screens. If the purpose of your ad is to drive clicks & conversions, then focus on devices that make it easier for users to click (mobile, tablet, computer).

#4: Exclude demographics that aren’t a good fit. If your product is only appealing to young males, then exclude everyone else. Make the best use of your budget that you possibly can, especially in the beginning. You can always add more demographic groups later.

#5: Use placement targeting when possible. Placements let you target the most specific audience possible, in the right frame of mind (they’re already watching videos related to your product or service). If there are videos on YouTube connected to what you’re selling, start with these.

#6: Exclude unprofitable placements by checking the "where ads showed" section and seeing which channels are producing poor results. Also exclude as many children’s channels and music channels as you can.

#7: Exclude "music videos" topic (because most people aren’t paying attention to ads when using YouTube as a music player) and any other topics that would be a poor match for your specific customer.

#8: Exclude irrelevant audiences. This could include any of Google’s pre-defined audiences. Or you could exclude remarketing audiences – for example, in a lead generation campaign you could exclude people who have already opted-in as a lead.

If you implement these 8 tips your business will save more on Youtube advertising. We hope you enjoyed these 8 free tips. If you need more information please feel free to reach out to us.

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