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Use This Strategy To Get More Customers!

This is especially important for businesses having a longer sales cycle like real-estate/insurance etc.

We have worked in these two niches for a long time and no matter how good your leads are, if your FOLLOW-UP Sucks, you're not gonna make it in the long run!

The problem here is, most agents/brokers aren’t good at following up or they are too busy.

Some businesses receive cheap/qualified leads, but most of them fail to close due to the lack of a proper follow-up system.

To solve this problem, we started building a proper follow-up system & started implementing it since Nov 2019, and conversions went up by over 30% in less than 3 months!

Here’s what we did:

1. Instant text, email, and automated call as soon as a lead sign up to confirm & validate.

2. Phone call within 24 hours to (confirmation call) book an appointment on agent/broker’s calendar. (Voicemail to the unresponsive phone numbers).


Keep calling for the next 7 days to the ones that didn’t answer the calls.

Set-up a 7-day text SMS campaigns to schedule an appointment with the unresponsive prospects.

4. After 7 days, set up a 3 months email nurturing campaign to the ones that went unresponsive to ultimately book an appointment with agent/prospect.


This might sound simple but this one is VERY important to increase the show-up rate.

Look, people tend to forget things …. Prospects are human beings just like us!

We called the prospect (confirmation call) one day prior to the appointment as a reminder & gently confirm their availability or if they want to re-schedule.

Automated text & email remainder 30 mins prior to the appointment with an option for last-minute rescheduling.

These are very simple things that you can implement & increase your appointment rate skyrocket!


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