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The Top 10 Email List Hacks for 2021

Happy New years and welcome to 2021! These 10 email hacks will be sure to provide your business with more customers. This will be short and sharp: The top 10 Email List Hacks for 2021…

Landing page opt-in exchange for value

Most landing pages don’t actually have an email opt-in. And 60% of those that do, have something like “Join our newsletter for weekly updates!” - There won’t be many people that will be willing to type in their email addy just for “weekly updates”. You need to give them a REASON for joining. A great example is to give them something like a coupon, ebook or even some tips and tricks about your products. Just make sure you aren’t pitching on the welcome email.

2) Host webinars This type of thing is usually for personal brands, coaching or high ticket coaching. No one wants to sit down for 40 minutes learning about why they need to buy a $30 set of headphones. Webinars only work if you have an existing audience. For example, you do coaching and have a large following on Instagram. You give a FREE webinar on whatever it is you coach, and to get the LINK for the webinar, the person must sign up with their email address to receive it. Two birds one stone!

3) Create value, not sales Thing is, the sales will come if you provide value first. In order to grow you list, you must have a high retention rate. This means you don’t want a lot of people unsubscribing and leaving because you pitch them every 2nd day with your new product. So… if you consistently provide true value to your audience you will not only retain those on your list but naturally grow through word of mouth. Word of mouth is extremely powerful in building an audience. Provide value and sales will come.

4) Scrub your list every few months

This won’t actually grow your list but what it will do is make sure your list is very refined and filled with your ideal customers. Which is very important! You can’t sell anything to a list that isn’t even interested in what you do anymore. That being said, the best way to scrub your list is to every few months be insanely relentless and send out a few emails that ask the recipient to take action. And it doesn’t have to be purchase, it could be to watch a video, click a link, or buy a course. But what you are going to do is filter out the ones who take action from those who don’t - Send multiple follow-ups if necessary.

5) Host a giveaway

Probably one of the best ways to organically grow your audience size, maybe not the most efficient for having every recipient your ideal customer. By doing a giveaway, you must scrub your list. If you don’t, your list will become very random very quickly from a lot of people that weren’t inside of your following jump on the list because of your giveaway. However, it can be a great way to grow in size. You’ll increase the size a lot and very fast.

6) Offer a free coupon

For eCommerce owners, this should be a non-negotiable. There are multiple plugins available for web hosts such as Shopify and WooCommerce. To find out the best ones you can watch youtube reviews. There are a ton out there. We would suggest going for 5%-10% off… OR you could give a $5 voucher. Giving $ instead of a % is actually sometimes cheaper, but also more appealing to the buyer because it is money.

7) Gate your content to your list

Gating content to a list is to only supply them with content, no one else - only your list. What this does are two things. 1) It creates urgency and scarcity for someone that isn’t on the list, 2) It gives those who are on the list a feeling of specialty and loyalty. These two things complement each other very well and will lead to extensive growth in your list. You’ll also build a relationship with your list as they feel a connection from your value.

8) More traffic towards your landing page/email opt-in

You can do all of these things spoken about, but if there are not enough eyes on it there is no point in doing those things. You need 500/1,000 visitors minimum per week landing to your page for this to be effective. Some of the best ways to get traffic is through 1) consistent content + lead magnet + CTA 2) Paid traffic + CTA 3) SEO & Adwords.

9) Create a Facebook group

This is more tailored to personal brands and coaching/consulting. If you create an exclusive group - you can make it more exclusive by requesting their email address for joining. 1) This makes the group smaller and more refined, not everyone will join - it is not public. 2) Inside of the group you can announce webinars, email campaigns, and offers for people to check their inbox for.

10) Physical CTA

We saved the best till last… If you own a physical store, you can have this in two places 1) By the counter, 2) At the storefront. Offer the buyer a % off or $5 off (Would suggest % off for this one if you have a few low ticked items eg $8) and they will be more than happy to accept this if you approach them at purchase.

We hope you enjoyed these ten email hacks for 2021. If you need more information feel free to contact us.

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