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Marketing Tips For Credit Repair Businesses

We started this credit repair campaign this month and had to turn off the campaign so our credit repair client could follow up with all the leads. They did not choose to add our sales system so now they are catching up. Here are a few things you should be aware of if you own a credit repair business.

1. Make sure you select this as a special category for Facebook Lead Ads

2. Don’t ask questions that are too personal, Facebook doesn’t like that and it could get your account banned.

3. Target large areas. If you sell credit repair over the phone then you can get credit repair leads for as low as $1.97 per lead

4. Make sure your commission is high enough to make up for what you’ll lose in advertising. If your commissions are small ($100-$200), don’t bother.

5. Be prepared to follow up. Just because people are interested doesn’t mean they’re available. Send a text as soon as you get the lead so that you can set up a time to go over their goals. Get on the phone after they have defined their goals.

6. Getting GENERAL credit repair leads will NOT convert well. You’ll need to market to people that have a SPECIFIC GOAL in mind.

7. Your sales process should match your campaign if you want to make more sales. DON’T do a general “fact-finding”. Stick to the goal. If you’re marketing to people who want to fix their credit to start their own business, then talk more about that.

We hope you enjoyed these quick tips. Do you have more questions please feel free to contact us for more information.

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