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How You Can Increase the Saliency of Your Ad Creatives

Saliency is a necessary quality your ad should have for them to be noticed by your audience.

And here are three hacks you need to know to achieve this:

What are these?

1. Color

2. Orientation

3. Size

1 - Color

A common mistake new designers commit is overusing colors when designing an advertisement. Stop using too many colors and start putting more emphasis on the focal point of your design.

You have to lessen the value of the surrounding elements so that the center of attention is clear. Because if everything is equally vibrant, there’s no saliency.

Let us give an example.

Take a look at this image below. It emphasizes the blue color of their iPhone case by using a dull-colored background. Clearly your first glance was on the case, right?

Here's another example below:

In this image, you can see that the “hotter sauce” is more emphasized because of the red color that stands out against the black background. Do you see what we mean?


Ads with tilted products and diagonal lines catch attention. They interrupt the usual vertical pattern that our eyes are exposed to when browsing. For your audience to notice your ad immediately, use diagonal lines in your creative.

Here are a few examples below:

In these creatives, the products and the lines follow a diagonal orientation which highly enhances the saliency of the creative.

3 - SIZE

Our attention is easily drawn to an object that is bigger than the rest of its surrounding elements. So how do we apply this? Pinpoint the most important thing in your design and enlarge its size to add focus.

Examples below!

Take a look at these thumbnails. You can see that they're doing it right. You'll notice that the large text on top of the creatives could really capture your attention.

We hope you enjoyed these tip on how you can make your ad creatives better. Feel free to comment or message us for any more tips and tricks.

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