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How would you like to 10X your dealership sales?

Do you own a car dealership? Do you work at one? You don't want to miss out on these 4 strategies which could 10X your current sales.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Adding your current pre-owned, certified, and new inventory on the Facebook marketplace is a must if you want to sell more cars. A lot of buyers spend their time on Facebook marketplace looking to see what other merchants and businesses have to offer. There are 800 million people monthly on Facebook marketplace. You are able to add your dealership location to target those buyers in your area.

2. Facebook Advertising

You want to have a lead generation ads which capture potential buyers in your area. This is done by provided them free value or a great offer they must sign-up for. The second must-have Facebook ad is a traffic ad that links them to your specific vehicles. The third is a giveaway ad which provides the customers with a chance to win something like a trip to Hawaii if they like, share, tag a friend and sign up in with the link provided. This provides further brand awareness, and the ability to collect leads for a potential sale.

3. Content Creation

Providing your audience with blogs, video episodes, video reviews of the vehicle, customer reviews, employee videos is a sure way for your customers to feel at ease with the car buying process. When creating content you want to either educate, entertain or inform your audience. Your blogs can be about local places to check out, great food in area, tips and more.

4. Create a Facebook Group for you Dealership

You don't want your customers to leave the brand you create around your social platforms. You want them in an endless funnel where they hear, see, and learn about your brand as much as they can. These quick psychological triggers will remind them of your dealership when they are searching for their next vehicle. We suggest you provide special giveaways for individuals who join the group and also create giveaways to the customers who engage with your content the most.

We hope you enjoyed these quick strategies that you can add to your Facebook marketing. We suggest you have a professional perform these strategies to be effective. Facebook advertising is very difficult but if you have the right agency, or employee execute it properly it will 10X your sales.

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