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How We Scaled A Brand From 0 to $35,000/day in 5 days

So how were we able to scale a client's eCommerce store?

The key to success is that we focused more on the video ad and the thumbnail. We created a unique custom made video with a real person using the product.

So how did we scale it?

Instead of launching $10 a day ad sets we launched only 100 USD a day ad sets, and high budget CBOs. Everyday we were increasing the ad spend by 2000-4000 USD a day by adding lots of 100 USD a day ad sets for the USA, 50 USD a day for CA+UK and 250-500USD a day CBOs.

What settings do we use?

We used the breakdown tool to find my best age, gender, placement and device (iPhone/iPad/android/desktop)

-Country: USA or UK+CA -1-day click -Targeting: Very big interests (over 30 million usually, a lot of times around 100-300 mil before narrowing down) LLAs (all possible LLAs and all percentages from 1% all the way to 20% using Trackify)

When do we kill my ads? -When CPC is over 2.5 USD -When Cost per add to cart is over 12-15 USD -When my CPP is too high (30 USD is our max)

Stop stressing over Facebook advertising ads. Focus on having a very good video and a very good thumbnail, this will do much more for you than thinking about 1-day click vs 7-day click, engaged shoppers or not.

PS: For the people who think the profit is low. Keep in mind that we are scaling very fast. when scaling at this rate profit margins will be lower. We are adding more creatives, lookalikes, and interests. The key is to test.

If you have any questions for your e-commerce brand just send us a message.

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