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How To Create A High-Converting 1-Minute Video Ad

A successful video creative has 4 components:

1️⃣ Hook – opener/attention grabber

2️⃣ Agitate – ask a question/show transformation/identify problem

3️⃣ Solution – what you are offering

4️⃣ Call to Action – what you want your audience to do

🌟 Hook (First 3 seconds) 🌟

Should be short and simple.

This is where most audiences are lost. So grab their attention -- and keep it.

Here's a do and don't:

>>> Don't: introduce who you are or start the video with a logo.

This isn't about you, this is about your audience.

>>> Do: Open up with a story (You can use the phrase: "When I was…") or ask a controversial question or something else.

⚡ Agitation (Next 10-15 seconds) ⚡

This is where you start to build up their emotions (fears, desires, etc.)

1. Transition to the problem.

What is your audience's problem?

2. State the problem clearly and concisely.

Use market language. What have they been asking on forums?

3. Agitate them - not in a bad way - so that you can ignite a response.

Here are some things you can talk about:

- Pain

- Pleasure

- Excitement

4. Naturally lead them to look for a solution.

This will help you transition to the next step, which is to describe the solution.

➕ Solution (Next 20-25s) ➕

The goal here is to paint a picture of the solution (your offer) and how it can help your audience can make their goals and dreams a reality.

- Tell your audience what the solution is.

- Explain how/why it works.

- Describe how it will change their lives.

🔴 CTA (Last few seconds of the video) 🔴

Use these questions as a guide to craft the perfect CTA:

- What action do you want your audience to take?

- What temperature are you targeting - should you use a soft CTA or a hard CTA?

- What should they expect after clicking on your ad?

And that's it! Once you're done, read through your script again and make sure it flows naturally.

Let us know if this helps.

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