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How People Actually Buy On Social Media: A Story With Karen (Consumer Psychology 101)

True story:

When Karen woke up:

She immediately checked her FB and IG stories to see what's her friends did last night.

On her way to work:

She mindlessly scrolls through her feed because she has nothing else to do.

On her way home:

She watches some cute puppy videos.

And as she was eating dinner:

She bought your product.

What happened?

When she was watching IG stories:

She saw your ad and thought your product was cool.

But she didn't click because she was too busy looking for her friends' stories.

When she was scrolling through her feed:

She saw another ad that demonstrated how your product works.

She clicked on your ad.

But she didn't bring her credit card with her, so she didn't bother reading your sales page and went back to scrolling.

When she was watching cute puppy videos:

She saw another ad of yours and got reminded about the product.

- She clicked your ad.

- Read your sales page.

- Became excited to buy your product.

But again, she didn't bring her credit cart so she just continued watching her videos.

And then...

When she was eating dinner at home...

She saw another ad of yours and finally bought.

What a journey that was!

Good thing you have retargeting ads set up?

You were there the whole time to:

- Remind

- Stay top of mind

- Handle objections

People aren't on social media to see your ads.

They're there to mindlessly scroll through their feed.

This is why you have to create attention-grabbing ads.

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