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Here’s How We Create Video Ads That Get Online Sales!

How would you like to create video advertising that gets your business online sales? We have created a quick guide how you too can do this for your business.

#1 First Things First - Market Research

Before you start creating your videos, you need solid market research to back it up. Make sure the contents of your video reflect the demographics/psychographics of your customer avatar.

Nail down your:

-Big Idea




-USP/Unique Mechanism You’ll need these to refine the message of your ad.

Tip: If you aren’t sure what angle to use in your video, Figure out the #1 biggest problem your product solves for your customer And use that as the main angle for your video.

#2 Include Social Proof

Let your customers do the selling. Showing user-generated content in your videos build trust and credibility with your customer. [Tip: Don’t have any UGCs yet? Ask for video testimonials and reviews from your loyal customers in exchange for discounts, freebies, etc.]

#3 Our PROVEN structure for creating high-converting videos:

Hook (First 3 seconds of the video)

-Introduce the problem

-Offer a solution

-Social proof

-Handling Objections (optional)



Test this structure out.

#4 Get your thumbnails right

If your thumbnail doesn’t make people curious or excited to watch your video,

They’re going to scroll past it.

Use bold text, high color contrasts, and eye-catching images in your thumbnails so it gets clicked on.

#5 Other Things To Take Note Of:

- Some videos auto-play and some are played without sound.

Look at the example on the left.

Use texts to help convey your message (this includes subtitles). - Make your video brief and concise - remove the fluff

-The first 3 seconds of the video should hook your audience (e.g. showing a relatable


-Experiment with the speed, rhythm, and order of your video

-Use a 4:5 aspect ratio for your video to take up more space of your viewers screen

Was it useful? Let us know in the comment section below.

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