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Do You Own a Real Estate Business? Use These 5 tips!

Real estate folks if you're looking for a consistent flow of deals, here's what you should consider doing.

After generating well over 10,000+ Leads with 30% - 40% response rates on average..

It becomes statistically impossible not to have deals!

So how this works?

You hear things like, weak leads, Inferior follow-ups, didn't make enough calls, not a good salesperson, online leads are cold and take too long to convert, etc, etc. you get the point

All of this could be true or NOT!

Nothing works in isolation, your leads won't respond, your follow-ups won't convert!

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - Aristotle

If the leads are not generated with a specific message under a criterion, if they are not followed upon with a micro-commitments, you can dig a grave and throw leads there because even if you're a God LIke salesperson and follow-up to death those leads are not going to convert

Which is where you should follow these steps:

1) The Perfect Client - Research your market and take your input on which type of client you'd like to attract to your business - then craft messaging and ads around that - Use Facebook ad library and other portals where your perfect prospects are hanging around to gather intel

2) Validation: Before you get the lead, validate their motivation by letting them qualify themselves telling you how soon they're looking to buy or sell

3) Response Domination Formula: The point is you want to get the small yes's before you get big commitments, ask them their budget, requirements, etc.

4) Affordability Formula: Your clients further validate themselves by telling you exactly their accommodation requirements, neighborhood, preferences, and most importantly their Budget!

5) Sales Initiation: At this stage, you have clients that are motivated, fall under your criteria and ready to make transactions in the next 30 - 90 days, so you start the sales process here!

Implement this 5 step system, keep it running for at least 30 to 90 days to properly optimize and see the results rolling in!

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