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8 Money-Saving Tips for Google Ads in 2021

Does your business currently run google ads? Have you thought about it? These 8 money-saving tips will help you save money on Google advertising.

#1: Don’t include the Display network in your search campaigns. This is selected by default when you’re setting up a search campaign, so you need to uncheck the box to turn it off. Search and Display traffic are very different and should not be included in the same campaign.

#2: Change your location setting to “People in or regularly in your targeted locations” so you’re not showing your ads to people who aren’t in the locations you’re trying to reach.

#3: Set a maximum CPC bid limit. With automated bidding options like ‘maximize clicks’ or ‘target CPA’ your cost per click can get out of hand if you don’t set a maximum bid limit to keep Google in check.

#4: Add negative keywords to avoid wasting money on people who are searching for irrelevant things. Use tools like the Keyword Planner and Negative Keyword Pro to add as many negative keywords as you can before you start running any new ad campaign.

#5: Adjust or Exclude bids for different devices. Your ads may perform much better on mobile vs. computer vs. tablet. Pay attention to these differences and adjust accordingly.

#6: Adjust targeting based on demographics like age and gender. Depending on who your customers are, you can modify your bids or fully exclude traffic from specific demographic groups.

#7: Exclude audiences that aren’t a good fit. This could mean excluding renters if your service is only for homeowners or excluding single people if your product is only for people who are in a relationship.

#8: Review your search terms regularly. Once your campaign is running and you can see the searches that have produced clicks on your ad, start to add more negative keywords so you stop paying for low-quality traffic. Also, look for high-quality search terms that you aren’t already targeting and add these as keywords.

If you implement these 8 tips your business will save more on Google ads. We hope you enjoyed these 8 free tips. If you need more information please feel free to reach out to us.

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