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5 Tips and Tricks to Running FB Ads That'll Save You 40+ hours per month

If you’ve ever ran Facebook ads, you know how time consuming it can be - especially for beginners.

Here's what you can do:

# Got multiple creatives to launch?

Upload them in the media library first.

You don’t want to upload them one by one as you create your ads.

-Go to Business Tools -Click Media Library -Click the ad account -Upload all your creatives at once -Go back & launch your ads

# Want to edit the naming convention of multiple campaigns, ad sets, or ads?

-Select the campaign, ad sets, or ads that you want to edit -Click the drop down icon beside Edit -Click “Find and Replace” -Replace the portion you want to edit with the edited text

# Want to keep the social proof (likes, comments, shares) of your ad when using it for another campaign / ad set?

Use the post ID of the ad instead of recreating it.

-Click edit on the ad you want to recreate -Click “Facebook post with comment” This'll open up a new tab to show you the ad's URL -Copy the set of numbers at the end of the post URL - this is your post ID -Create an ad & click "Use Existing Post" -Then paste it into the “Enter Post ID” field

You'll see the exact same ad appear along with all social proof

# When to use the “Search and Filter” box at the top of ads manager?

-To search for a specific campaign/ad set/ad -To filter your selection -To see your saved searches

And many more.

If you want to find something specific in your ads manager, use this tool.

# If you want to create lookalike audiences that target the countries: “US, UK, CA, AU, and NZ” but they take so much time to create...

Here’s what you can do to speed up the process:

Copy & paste "United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand" in the "Select Audience Location" text box.

It will automatically appear in the selection.

Note: this process works for interest audiences as well. If you want to stack interests, you can copy & paste the set of interest audiences you have and just separate them by a “comma.”

For example: If you have the audiences: “Cat lovers, Dog loves, Litter box, Pets, Cats, Dogs” and you want to list them all down in one go, then just copy & paste that in the interest box.

If you have further questions comment below or send us a message.

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