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4 Simple Email Marketing Tweaks To Maximize Conversions

So you’ve built a list, now what? We don’t often hear solid advice when it comes to crafting emails that actually sell. So here are 4 tips that we have found to be the most crucial in email marketing, after over 6 figures in email revenue and plenty more in mistakes.

1) Focus on optimizing your subject line

We often pay little attention to the subject line when crafting emails but it’s the only thing your readers will pay attention to when deciding whether your content is worth their time.

The success of your subject line determines the number of eyes on your email content which eventually translates into revenue.

So spend a little more time on creating a good subject line.

A good subject line is one that speaks to the conversation that is already in your audience’s minds yet leaves some room for curiosity and interest.

The subject line’s sole purpose is to garner attention and draw your reader to find out more by clicking into your email.

Some major themes & triggers that work well include: Curiosity, Urgency, Numbers, Benefits, Social Proof, Specificity, Before-After, Questions, and Personalization.

You can experiment with different combinations of these ideas to find out which works best for your audience.

2) Optimize for CTA button placement

If you did your subject line right, your readers would have opened your email with a specific intention in mind - whether it's to find out what that “Secret Formula” is all about or just to claim that 90% discount code that you promised.

It is so important that you minimize friction for your readers to get to that objective that you have created for them with your subject line.

So make sure that you include a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) button above-the-fold (that is, the space in the email that is shown without having to scroll down).

You can also have a second CTA button that is placed at the end of your content so that your readers don’t have to scroll all the way back up should they decide to read through your entire email content.

3) Personalize your email

Effective email marketing should be personal. One way you can easily increase email personalization is by including a sender’s persona in the “Sent From” label. If you’re not comfortable using your own name, you can always make one up. E.g. Patricia from Purple Pug Plumbuses.

You should also be using first-name merge tags (automated tags that are replaced by the first name of your subscribers) whenever appropriate. In MailChimp, that will be *|FNAME|* and in Klaviyo, {{ first_name }}

The next level of personalization involves audience segmentation 👇

You only pay attention when something is relevant to you. I.e. when you find value in it, like reading this far into the blog

Likewise, your email marketing strategy would become 10x more effective and profitable if you were able to speak to each subscriber in their specific circumstance and context.

So segment your audience into as many groups as you can, and direct targeted offers and content that are relevant to them at the correct time.

That’s all for now. We will elaborate more about how you can segment your email list for maximum profits on our future blog.

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