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3 Ways To Generate More Patients For Your Chiropractic Clinic Without Depending On Referrals

1. Google My Business Optimize your google my business account such that you rank in the top 3 listings when people search for "Chiropractors near me". Once you rank locally, you will receive a strong organic traffic leading to more appointments and treatment queries. However, ranking on google my business takes time. You will have to keep on updating your profile. Keep adding new photos, get patient reviews and make sure that you add the correct phone number, address and timings. 2) Content Marketing Most of the Chiropractic clinics do not have social media accounts. And the ones those have, do not create valuable content regularly for their audience. Create content on social media in the form of Tips, Lives, QnA's, informative videos, images, infographic etc to reach out to your potential patients. Make sure that you are consistent and have a call to action at the end of every content like-' Book your FREE consultation, Call us right now to know more, DM us now' etc. Creating valuable content will eliminate your competition and will give a great visibility to your clinic hence bringing in more patients to your door. 3) Facebook/Instagram Ads Run ads in your local area targeting a radius of 4-5 miles of your clinic. Make sure that you have a strong offer and target the right demographic according to your offer. Offer can be " Only 25$ for the first adjustment". You need to pick a strong offer. The goal of this offer is not to make those 25$ but to bring in new patient to your door which would have gone to your competitor's clinic otherwise. Once they are in your clinic for the offer, do their complete examination and then suggest them treatments which will solve their issues and which will generate revenue for your clinic. Do comment on this post if you want to know each of the 3 steps in detail. We will help you out free of charge.

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