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The numbers are in, and we can confirm we had our biggest Black Friday ever with one of our clients! Above are the figures our team generated for one of our clients over the BFCM event, and what is most exciting is the winning formula that we implement for every e-commerce event to skyrocket email sales over the promotional period! It came down to 5 simple steps…

Segmentation - At the heart of our BFCM campaign is the segmentation strategy. If you have the luxury of a large mailing list- USE IT! This list has the potential to unlock thousands of dollars worth of sales if you can develop a sending plan that is engaging, hyper-targeted and relevant. This strategy allows you to fully maximize every customer, from non-purchasers to VIP’s, engaged to inactive. Create content that is relevant to the person receiving it, that is the key to holiday sales.

Personalization - Let’s keep this short and simple. And make sure our campaigns follow suit! When it comes to promotional content, make sure your offer is clear, the email itself is engaging and the message is not lost in a complicated email. The last thing you want to do is deter people away through confusion. Think about your purpose and the most direct way to execute it. -Think big, clear, actionable.

Vary the content - Make sure to mix it up. If you’re sending the exact same email campaign to your list over the event, your engagement will obviously decrease. We implemented a bank of themed creatives throughout the promotional period. Not only this, but we also sent a mixture of text-based and HTML campaigns to the subscriber list, keeping things fresh and exciting is what allowed us to maximize sales for our client.

Monitoring - Exceptional results do require exceptional effort. That’s why throughout the BFCM event we were sure to conduct split-tests on content and subject lines, from here it was about making those all-important tweaks making sure that every email was hitting maximum potential.

Planning - Preparation really is everything with these events. You have got to get your strategy outlined, finalized and implemented in advance to ensure you don’t get caught up sending things out last minute and missing the eye of your customers.

It’s as simple as that. How did your emails perform last Black Friday?

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