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You Don't Want To Miss Out On These 2020 Black Friday Strategies!

This year will be the highest-grossing Black-Friday we have seen.

Competition isn't going away...

Here what you can do to get ahead: 👇

How does your Facebook lookalikes look like?

Right now is the perfect time to test new audiences and create new audience pools.

Don't forget about retargeting. Start sending traffic to your website and create audiences from it. You will thank us.

Create samples of copywriting for your paid advertising, emails, texting marketing. Make sure you have a lot of variations to test from.

Invest in your creatives. The more creative you have the more options you have to test from.

Let's not forget about email. Collect new emails. Create segmentation for your emails: recent buyers, purchases made in the past 30 days, purchase made in the past 60 days, never purchased, etc. The more the better.

How does your SMS list look like? Follow up with the abandoned carts and previous customers.

Side note: Test other channels such as Youtube pre-roll and Google for retargeting.


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