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What You Can Expect to Learn Spending Over $51,000 on Facebook Ads!

Many of our clients spend over $50,000 on Facebook advertising each month. Depending on where you are in your business, this amount may sound like a lot or a little to you.

Obviously it isn't all smooth sailing as with anything so we’ve come up with some tips to remember when running Facebook ads that can be applied to both low and high advertising budgets!

Tip #1: Audience Insights is your best friend, using this tool will allow to to find audiences that you would have not thought of before and audiences that might not show up in the suggestions section of the detailed targeting.

Tip #2: Know your audience before you even spend $1. What keeps them up at night? What TV shows do they watch? What magazine do they read? What softwares to they use? How old are they? And so on. This will help to use the Audience Insights tool effectively.

Tip #3: Don’t use too many ads. We like to only use 1-5 ads per ad set. When you use too many ads, Facebook has a hard time spreading your budget across all ads, and will not always spend that money on the best-performing ones either.

Tip #4: Don’t use too many audiences in your targeting. Most of the ad sets only use 1 audience, 2 max. Keep your targeting broad and let your ad copy do the heavy lifting. Facebook likes it when you keep it broad and they will optimize who to show the ads too for you.

Tip #5: Make sure your ad account is seasoned pretty good before you move into Lookalike Audiences. You can still be VERY profitable using cold audiences, especially if you have a high-ticket offer, but when you transfer into LLA’s. your mind will be blown!

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