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The Must See Instagram Strategy to Blow Your Business Up!

Updated: Apr 14

How would you save thousands of advertising? Here is the organic code of how to gain 1000-2000 highly targeted followers per post. This is how we help clients gain 500-2000 followers per post and reach over 1 million people weekly on Instagram! This screenshot belongs to one of our clients.

Here are our top 3 Secrets for Going Viral👇

Secret One: Post images that are viral!

We start by researching competitor pages. We scroll through their feed to find viral content. To find these pages, search for the hashtags in your niche. The hashtag must have at least 5 million post count. (The number of users who used this # in their post)For example #wedding

By doing so you will find all bunch of TOP performing pages that are ranking under the top 9 posts of these large hashtags.

Analyze these pages and find the ones that have 2-4k likes and 50-200 comments. Now when you have a list of 10-15 pages you want to double-check and find which ones of these are gaining the most daily followers.

The best way to double-check if the page is viral is to refer to

This platform tracks how many followers specific pages are receiving daily. It's a free website. There are no signups required.

If they are gaining a minimum of 30k followers per month I would approve this page as a legit one that grows using viral content.

Secret Two: Use hashtags the right way!

It blows me away how many "Gurus" and "Experts" are giving the WRONG advice on hashtag research. Here's a quick one for you. You have to Analyze the average numbers of likes and comments of the top 9 posts on hashtags.

The strategy will not make any sense if you don't know your numbers. For example, if you organically can reach 100 likes per post within an hour of posting then you will search for hashtags whose top 9 posts have those numbers.

This means your content will show up among these 9 posts. Hashtags have to be highly relevant to your content. You should inspect manually every single hashtag and make sure that your content is related to the given hashtags.

The philosophy is simple. When users click and search for a hashtag they will click on the photo which is highly related to what they search for.

They don't search for #lawnmover if they are looking for inspiration for an engagement session.

They will search for #couplesinlove or #engagementsession to look for inspiration for their photoshoot. This is how we steal traffic from my competitors who have 500k + followers by having highly relevant content to our hashtags.

The max hashtags you can use is 30, but the recommended amount to use per post is 27-29 to not appear spammy to the algorithm! We recently wrote a book on this topic about hashtags.

80% of the time we use small hashtags (on which you can rank organically) test the performance and see how many likes now we got back from ranking.

So let's say we had 100 likes and by using 30 small hashtags. No, we ranked and got impressions, likes and follows. The post now has 500 likes.

This means that the next post we are going to use will have 24 hashtags ( 100 organic likes) and 6 big hashtags ( 500 likes). We will organically rank on small ones and build up momentum and rank on big hashtags ( 500 likes). Rinse and repeat!

Make 3-4 categories of hashtags for posting.

We post, for example, a few different categories to attract my ideal followers. ( brides )

Category 1 - Wedding Dresses - 30 hashtags relevant to wedding dresses

Category 2 - Engageged Couples - 30 hashtags relevant to couples in love and engagements

Category 3 - Bridal Makeup - 30 hashtags related to Bridal Makeup


Secret Three: The Power of Engagement Groups

Engagement groups are DM groups on Instagram. Groups of 30 people who are as well in your niche. We have over a dozen groups with wedding photographers and planners.

When we exchange likes and comments we hit the explore page. You have to have more than 5 groups because not everyone will stay active.

To prevent burnout, you want to introduce them to simple rules. This is how we approach our followers or other Instagrammers to invite them over:

"Hi! I like your photos!

Would you like to join our secret engagement group?

We’re all wedding photographers helping each other with likes and comments so we can grow a bigger audience! ☺️"

98% of them say "YES!"

We follow up with the rules:

1) Like/Comment 5 posts before you share yours.

After engaging share your post and write the following confirmation “DX5” and then your post.

By typing Dx5 you are confirming that you engaged with others.

2) You can only share up to 3 posts per day in the group.

3) There are two groups the “New York 4” Group in which the likes will be exchanged and the “CHAT” group just to chat, network and handle any specific question about the group."

The best way to make one is by reaching out to people who's content is good! Accounts with a following of 20k + followers. This power will feed the algorithm and send your posts on the explore page.

Engagement Group Conclusion

You make two groups with the same users. One is chatroom - where users reach for help if they get stuck because some people don't understand how to use them the right way.

The second one is just for post exchange - this is where they like and comment.

These are the basics of growing viral on Instagram.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to grow an Instagram page organically. If you need more assistance please feel free to reach out to us.


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