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The Fastest Way To Scale An Internet Business… (In the current market COVID-19)

Needless to mention anymore, the Coronavirus has slowed down the entire global economy. So what’s currently working? 1. Communication tools: This is a boom time for messaging apps. Slack users have surged 25% in 2 weeks to more than 12.5M… Zoom has grown like crazy.. currently valued over $1 Billion.

2. Online Medical Consultations: It’s a chaotic time for hospitals right now around the world and "Teladoc Health" - An app that provides online medical consultations is booming in user growth. 3. Video-sharing apps: Just look at how many "video challenges" are going viral on Instagram. 4. Home-working tools: Apps that help users to organize themselves better for a work-from-home environment are currently soaring rapidly in new customer acquisition. 5. Home-convenience businesses: Grocery deliveries, medical supplies deliveries, subscription box eCommerce are all doing great right now. ( We will have in-depth case studies on Apps that are booming in this market in our future blogs) If you have a business that falls in the categories above.. this is truly your time! So what’s the FASTEST way to scale? Very simply, Paid traffic. (But NOW more than ever!) Google is giving out Millions in free AdWords credits and Facebook Ads have become the cheapest they have been since 2014.

Quick tip for mobile apps: DO NOT do App Install campaigns right away. You could collect high-quality data from sending cold traffic to a landing page and then drop an app download link there. Focus on creating top-quality FUNNELS and send cold traffic to your Funnels. You can literally just leave your Ads on for the next couple months without evening having to manage them too much... and watch your users grow rapidly, against really really low ad spends.


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