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Scale Your Sales with Facebook Manual Bidding

We recommend having a Facebook advertising specialist for this strategy. This simple scaling tip can scale your business drastically.

The fastest way to scale is Manual Bidding.

The strategy is very simple.

$1,000+ Budget $100+ Bid.

You will spend a few hundred dollars in just a few short hours, and if you can survive the day, tomorrow things should turn for the better.

If you can sustain the budget, you should bypass all testing, and simply implement this strategy in every audience you feel has a potential for success. 2-days and bad results? End the advertisement and look for another audience.

That is a strategy you will work to one day implement; but you must crawl before you walk, and you must walk before you run, and you must run before you sprint.

Automatic bidding is for testing. Manual Bidding is for scaling, and if the above strategy doesn't work for you, here are 2 others that might fit into your advertising budget.

[ Strategy 2 ]

BUDGET = $1,000+ BID = 10 x Earnings-Per-Conversions

Example: Your earn 0.69 cents per Lead, your bid would be 10x0.69 = $6.90

[ Strategy 3 ]

BUDGET = $1,000+ BID = 2 x Earnings-Per-Conversion (math = 0.69x2=$1.38).

We hope you enjoyed this tip to scale your brick-and-mortar or eCommerce business. If you would like more information please feel free to reach out to us.


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