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Results – CPL reduced by 50%

Campaign Level - $15 CBO Lead Generation Campaign.

Ad Set Level – 2 Ad Sets with Automatic Placements. The first one is a 1% LAA (website visitors, engaged FB page or Leads). The second one is broad with only age, location & 1 interest.

Ad Level – 3 different Lead Ads. The ads are completely different (ad copy, creative, headline). At least one Video Ad and one Image Ad. Individually go through the Placements at the Ad level and make sure the Headline, CTA & Image fit for the placement in the preview.

Why it’s working – We are letting the Facebook Algorithm do the work. It is testing the 2 Ad Sets versus the 3 Ads versus all the Placements. Optimizing the Placements is critical in this strategy. Basically, you are trying to get into as many of the different auctions for the Facebook Inventory. The Facebook Algorithm will decide when to purchase in the video inventory versus the image click inventory to produce the best results.

Phase 2 – After 72 hours, we will alternate new Ad Sets in to replace the worst-performing Ad Set in each CBO Campaign. We will also kill the worst performing ad and test different combinations of headlines & images/videos for the top-performing ones. We may even throw in a Carousel Ad to see if there is a viable inventory to be won in that auction.

These campaigns just started at midnight. We hope this helps some of the new marketers out there. Good Luck!


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