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Increase Your Email Engagement

How would you like your customers to convert emails into sales? Who wouldn't? We have a great email marketing tip that can help you convert emails into customers.

Email Marketing Tip: . Increase your email engagement with "Sender Name." . Sender name has a significant influence on subscribers’ decision whether to open an email or not . 42% of users first take a look at a sender's name and only then decide if this email is worth opening. . 43% of users mark the email as spam based on the sender name only . therefore, if you want higher engagement for your email, use a better sender name . now let's take a look at the "brand vs personality" . Personality- create rapport . Brand - create creditability . so what's the best way to do it? . the answer is to combine both... . For example, . (Name) at (Brand Name) / (Name)|(Brand Name) . by combining both, you can create the best connection with your audience . Why should you add a personal name? . you see, people need a person to connect with, . someone that they can engage to, . alternatively, someone that they can react to . so think about who is the spoke person of your e-commerce brand? . by combining the personality and the brand... . if your name is well-recognizable and easy to recall, subscribers will be more likely to remember you . overtime, your email engagement (Open rate) will become higher . "to create a rapport, you need to create a personality." . Your goal is to build trust as a branded email sender, which will encourage the recipients to open your email and engage with the content. . Lastly, building trust takes time and, most importantly, relevancy and consistency.

We hope you enjoyed this email marketing tip. If you need more advice, training or email marketing services message us to get started.


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