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Increase Your Conversion Rate 2%-3% By Making These Simple Change

we’ve worked on over 100+ websites and observed and we want to inform you that the user psychology plays a major role in the buying journey.

While working on the projects, we used to do many experiments on the product pages.

We made some notes of all the changes which helped me in the increased conversions.

These tips will help you choose the best-performing combinations.

1. Always show more than 3 photos of the product from different angles.

2. Clearly show the discount you’re offering and use the same color shown in the image (Color plays a very important role in the human brain and hence helps in making decisions).

3. Always mention your shipping information very clearly.

4. Create Scarcity & FOLO (Fear Of Losing Out) as we humans always fear and tend to take impulsive decisions when the time is less.

5. Show Trust Seals - People should feel that they're not going to be cheated and are making the right decision by purchasing from that website.

There are many more changes that can be tested out but these are the ones that work well.


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