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How we spent $498.82 and got back $12,102.28 in 30 Days

The simple answer is using SMS marketing!

But the details are what matter, so here they are:

The app we used is called SMSBump. It's an app that allows you to send text messages to your customers that opt in to receiving SMS.

All of the revenue came from automations, meaning we set up the messages one time and they were automatically sent out based on certain actions the customers took or did not take.

We only set up 3 different messages/automations and it only took about 20 minutes.

We simply created 2 messages that were automatically sent out to customers if they abandoned their cart. If they bought after the first one, they did not get the second one.

These were simple cart abandonment messages.

  1. The first one was basically a reminder with a link to their cart.

  2. The second one was a reminder, a link to their cart and I offered a 10% discount.

The bulk of the revenue came from the very first message without even offering a discount.

The third automatic message we created was an upsell message.

We found a product that was complimentary to the original product they bought from me and we made sure it was something that made logical sense.

So when we offered it to them, it made sense in their mind that they should buy it because of the thing they just bought from me.

We sent this message out automatically the day after they made the purchase of my main item.

Tip: If you can't find a product that is the next logical thing they should buy, you could offer more of the same thing they bought at a discount or you could find something related to your product in some way and offer that.


  • Add SMS marketing to your marketing mix

  • up cart abandonment automations (at least 2)

  • set up an upsell automation

We Hope that helps anyone struggling to recover carts or generate revenue from existing customers. Let us know if you have any questions.


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