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How to Increase Conversions using Retargeting Stacks

Do you have an eCommerce business? This is for you. This will be helpful for many of you when launching your next campaign.

When it comes to retargeting, sometimes people create a custom audience of everyone who has visited their website in the past 180 days, but the PROBLEM with that is that you’re retargeting anybody who visited in the past 6 months, which means you’ll be showing the same person the same ad for 180 days aka 6 months!

This is a horrible way to allocate your budget because if they haven’t taken action after 1-2 months, they probably won’t after 6 months...

This is where RETARGETING STACKS come into play!

Retargeting Stacks refer to targeting people based on when they triggered a particular action that allows you to move them further down your funnel.

Stacking means retargeting based on specific dates, ie someone who visits your site and creating a CA (custom audience) of people who visited in the last 5, 10, 15, 20, etc days instead of showing them the same ad for 6 months as I mentioned above^.

Each stack is to be run as its own ad set so it can have its own targeting and creative.

Start by mapping out your funnel similar to the one shown in my photo, but remember that the example shown here is just 1 of many possible variations. The day splits are not the end all be all! You may want to split yours up differently DEPENDING ON your traffic volume... If you get massive amounts of traffic, split the days up tighter such as 1-3 days, 4-7, etc. But if you aren’t getting insane traffic volume yet, split it up further such as 1-5 days, 6-10, etc like listed here.

TOF: Building awareness via blog posts, lead magnets, or my favorite; videos! (These are all considered soft activities)

MOF: Shift people who engaged in your TOF into the consideration phase by getting them to take a look at your product page

BOF: This is where it’s time to buy/make a decision and you retarget people who have visited the product page/sales page

Abandoned Cart: In eCom, on average, 68% of people who ATC abandon checkout, so it’s crucial to have a sequence set up here because that’s obviously a huge amount of warm traffic!!

At the MOF, we’re retargeting based on video views in this example. Remember to segment that audience so that it’s people who engaged with the video to some extent.

If you retarget ANYONE who viewed the video, the problem is that because the video autoplayed, you’d be targeting people who may have just scrolled by it and weren’t actually engaged or interested. The workaround here is retargeting people who watched 10 seconds of your video, or if your video is super short, retarget people who watched 50% of it.

People that watched the video in the last 10 days will contain about half of the people who watched it in the last 5 days, so you must run exclusions on each other in order to avoid competing with yourself (aka audience de-duping). In other words, exclude days 1-5 from days 6-10 and vice versa.

Once you have your funnel mapped out, step 1 is to create all your audiences:

Audience #1: video viewers 5 days

Audience #2: video viewers 10 days

Audience #3: video viewers 20 days

Audience #4: web hits 5 days

Audience #5: web hits 15 days

Audience #6: web hits 30 days

Audience #7: ATC 3 days

Audience #8: ATC 7 days

Audience 9: ATC 14 days

Audience #10: VC 3 days

Audience #11: VC 7 days

Audience #12: VC 14 days

Audience #13: purchasers 3 days

Audience #14: purchasers 5 days

Audience #15: purchasers 7 days

Audience #16: purchasers 14 days

Audience #17: purchasers 15 days

Audience #18: purchasers 30 days

Step 2 is to create your MOF campaign- run as an LC (link click) or traffic objective if your audience is less than 10k. (If >10k, run as a conversion)

MOF adset #1: video views 5 days. Exclude purchasers 30 days and web hits 30 days.

MOF adset #2: video views 10 days. Exclude purchasers 30 days, web hits 30 days, and video views 5 days

MOF adset #3: video views 15 days. Exclude purchasers 30 days, web hits 30 days, and video views 10 days

(**The reason we exclude web hits in the past 30 days is because if they visited your website in the past 30 days, they are part of our BOF sequence and you want those users to see your BOF ads!**)

Step 3 is to create your BOF campaign- run as a DPA (Dynamic Product Ad)

BOF adset #1: web hits 5 days. Exclude purchasers 5 days and ATC

BOF adset #2: web hits 15 days. Exclude web hits 5 days, purchasers 15 days, and ATC

BOF adset #3: web hits 30 days. Exclude web hits 15 days, purchasers 30 days, and ATC

Step 4 is to create your Abandoned Cart Sequence as a DPA

We are batching ATC (Add to Cart) and VC (View Content) together here, but remember that if you have substantial traffic it may be better to separate them out.

Abandoned Cart adset #1: ATC + VC 3 days. Exclude purchasers 3 days

Abandoned Cart adset #2: ATC + VC 7 days. Exclude purchasers 7 days and ATC + VC 3 days

Abandoned Cart adset #3: ATC + VC 14 days. Exclude purchasers 14 days and ATC + VC 7 days

As an eCommerce brand, you should also have a strategy in place for repeat customers. We will provide another blog on this in the future. We hope this has provided you some value.


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