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If you’ve ever struggled to get your prospects to pay attention to you online…

I want to show you 7 PROVEN Headline templates that will guarantee more people pay attention to you.

But before I reveal those - I should probably mention WHY Headlines are SO IMPORTANT.

One of the greatest men in advertising history put it like this:

“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” - David Ogilvy

If you are unfamiliar with Ogilvy’s work - his worldwide advertising agency represented brands like Dove, Rolls Royce, American Express, among many others. 💰

He is also known as the “Father of Advertising” and the author of several best selling books on the subject.

So yes. Your headline is THAT important. You should spend nearly 80% of your effort on it.

But that’s enough about that, let’s look at some of the Headline formulas that have been perfected from Billions and Billions in testing…

🖊 #1 - “How To…”

Everyone wants to improve their life in some way. Starting your headline with this phrase appeals to their desire to improve. Tell them about the benefit of reading your content and how it will empower them to improve their life/business/relationship etc.

🖊 #2 - “How To… Without…”

Similar to the previous headline with a slight twist.

Most people will give you their attention for only 1 of 2 reasons.

1 - You can help them move towards something PLEASANT

2 - You can help them run away from something PAINFUL

This formula allows you to put both of those desires into the SAME SENTENCE!

🖊 #3 - “How To… in # Hours/Days/Weeks”

Without a doubt, your reader is going to wonder “Yeah that sounds great, but how long is it going to take?”

Answer this inevitable question upfront by telling them how long it will take for them to get results.

🖊 #4 - “What to do if…”

Your content is helping them solve some kind of problem in their life. This headline formula allows you to address the problem head-on and state it clearly to the reader.

If they have the same problem and have been searching for the answer - this headline will JUMP OUT at them

🖊 #5 - “# Ways To…”

It’s no secret that retaining people’s attention online is not an easy task. (On another note, I’m glad you made it this far in the post).

Everyone wants short, actionable content that gets them results QUICKLY - and that’s exactly the desire you are appealing to with this headline formula!

🖊 #6 - “Top # Secrets about…”

Everyone wants to be part of the “IN” crowd.

Nobody likes being left out of the loop - so letting them in on your “secrets” is a proven way to get their attention.

🖊 #7 - “I remember like it was yesterday…”

Humans. Love. Stories.

Why else would Hollywood make BILLIONS every year? Opening your content with an emotional headline will hook your readers into knowing how the story ends.

Bonus points if your story relates directly to your target audiences’ current situation.

🖊 #8 - BONUS - “I’m on a MISSION to solve…”

Who doesn’t love being part of a team that is solving a huge problem? No one. That’s who.

Humans have always banded together when it comes to defeating a common enemy, so let them join a movement using this headline.

So there you have it! 7 (+ 1 Bonus) Headline formulas YOU can use to get more eyeballs actually reading your amazing content.

But of course, now that you have their attention, you need to make sure to keep it.

Let us know in the comments what Headline formula is your favorite.


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