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Product Scaling Strategy with Facebook Ads

Do you have an eCommerce store? Would you like to double your sales? We have you covered. This scaling method is for advanced Facebook advertisers. Here is how you can drastically scale your Facebook advertisements to make serious money.

Product Scaling Strategy

There are different and various strategies to scale your Facebook campaign to 6 figures and beyond but in this post, we will show you one of the specific strategies that are proven to work like crazy.

To scale your Facebook campaign to 6 figures, you only need to master one single strategy and if you can master this strategy we will be revealing to you in this blog, you can scale your Facebook campaign to generate massive sales.

Scaling your campaign to 6 figure does require a lot of investment. Don’t expect you are going to spend little to no amount to make over 6 figures.

With $24k to $50k with a proven strategy, you can scale a campaign to $100k and beyond if you implement the strategy we are sharing with you.

Always know that you can start small then scale gradually till you reach that goal when you will be able to invest $20k to $50k to make six figures in sales with facebook marketing.

Before you think of scaling your campaign, there are couples of thing you need to take note which is...

Your Facebook ROAS (return on ads spent) needs to be anywhere from %200+ ROAS. anything below 200% ROAS is not good for this strategy or scaling any campaign.

The picture attached to this post shows how your ROAS should look like. Always make sure you have this kind of ROAS before you even think of scaling your ads with this strategy.

If you are having this kind of roas, that shows that you are having a lot of engagement in your advertisements and that you are getting a lot of views in your store.

The next thing is to scale your campaign to the next level

You want to make sure your advertisement is a video advertisement. Make sure you already have 1k above video views. Now that all this is set up and you are getting a lot of engagement and ton of views, the next thing is to start the 6 figure scaling step.

You only need three steps to hit 100k. 3 steps you need are.

The first step should be taken in the first week followed by the second and third step

✅ Start remarketing your video view audiences

✅ Fanpage engagement audiences

✅ Lookalike audiences

Below is the kind of lookalike audiences you want to start building on the week three or more are:

🔴 Add to carts – Set of people that add your product to cart in your store.

🔴 Engagement – These are people that like, comment and share your post. You can also remarket to this group of people.

🔴 Video views – With video view ads, you can remarket and retarget those people that watch your video.

🔴 View content – You can also retarget to this set of people.

🔴 Purchases

Out of this five-section, the one you should really focus on is the video view, the video view is the one that will help you scale your ads to 6 figure.

Whether you are making $100 to $500 doesn’t really matter. Once you are getting those ROAS, you can get started with this scaling strategy.

📈 Scaling Plan

Now that we know what is expected to know, open your facebook ads manager and start creating a custom audience for video view. Create all the video view objections and put them in a CBO campaign. After two or three days and you see the audience that’s not performing well, kill the ads so Facebook will spend your budget only on the ones performing well.

On the following week, you want to start creating another audience, which is Facebook engagement audiences work smarter. Once the audience is created you want to start with the 1% LLA. If profitable, do two percent and so on. You can spend literally $5+ per day for this kind of campaign.

📣Don’t forget this strategy should be done on week 3 or 4.

On the following week, you want to start creating another audience, which is the Facebook engagement audiences.

Once you see the above step profitable, you want to follow the same step to create facebook engagement audiences.

This step is really awesome because Facebook gives you access to create audiences for any action your visitor performs on your page. See below for an example.

While creating your fan page engagement audiences, you will find different kinds of audiences but the most profitable one is the one with the people that “saved your page or any post saved”.

Name your audience and continue. On the next page, you want to click the section with FIND NEW PEOPLE SIMILAR TO YOUR EXISTING USER.

By doing so you will have another chance to create another lookalike audience.

There is power in this strategy and this will make you become a better marketer and make you very profitable.

Make sure you build another audience for all fanpage engagement audiences.

Now you have learned a lot about scaling a campaign. All you need to do now is to implement this strategy to experience how it works.


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