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Facebook Ads Targeting Lesson 101: How to Test, Validate and Optimize Your Audiences

Have you been using Facebook Advertisements to get leads, sales, and exposure? This specific Facebook advertisement strategy will provide you the lesson you need to properly execute your ads.

Here’s what you can do to test interests:

When TESTING interests, we usually separate them into their own ad sets because we want to isolate and test which ones would work or not.

But if you have hundreds of interests to test and you don't want to test each one of them individually…

Group them by commonality!

(Side note: we usually just test by commonality if the audience size of interest is below 1m.)

We combine the highly related interests that require similar ads to have an audience size of at least 5m.

We combine the highly related interests that require similar ads to have an audience size of at least 5m. This is one of our methods of how we test interests.

“But, what about lookalikes?”

When testing lookalikes, we keep them separate when testing as well.

1 Ad set for:

1% Web Visitors

1% View Content

1% Saved Posts

1% Video Viewers

1% Purchase





Just like testing interests, keep them all separated when testing so you can see which ones work or not.

And when moving them to your main campaign (or second validation campaign, if you have one), that’s when you should stack the 1% audiences together.

There are 2 reasons for this...

If you have a group of high performing 1% audiences, then:

1. You have a bigger audience size, which ‘generally’ works better with Facebook.

2. You're squeezing the BEST of all audiences and giving more juicy data for the Facebook algorithm to work with.

(Just gonna put an emphasis on the word: “testing”)

Don't worry too much about the overlap when TESTING audiences. Just have the right exclusions.

>> Here's an example:

Say there's a 70% overlap on 2 US 1% lookalike audiences.

There are 2.2million people in a 1% US lookalike audience.

70% of 2.2 million is 1.54 million.

Which means there's still 660,000 people who are not covered by the other lookalike audience.

You're just testing, you're not gonna reach 2.2million people right away. PLUS, 660k is still a lot of people.

And a certain percentage of that audience size is gonna be your target audience as well.

So don't worry about overlap.

And that's it! We hope you learned something from this. This is a great strategy to scale your leads or sales.


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