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Advanced Hot Traffic Hack for Facebook Pixels

Here’s a cool " hot traffic hack” you can implement today via Facebook Custom Events that will allow you to optimize for engaged traffic and to create lookalikes from it.

This hack uses visitor's actions while on your site that show a clear intent either in knowing more about your product or even buying your product.

7 TouchPoints before Buying Bare in mind that while optimizing for purchases is the ultimate goal everybody hopes for, the average number of touchpoints from seeing a product to being ready to buy is like 7 which means that you can attract customers that are in their “journey” to buy a product like yours, just, not 100% ready to buy.

The reason why we are saying this is because if you start looking up a given subject on the internet, Facebook will start tracking you and within a few days you will start seeing ads from other advertisers, not only the ones you’ve visited on their sites.

So let’s consider a bicycle for example. Since deciding “I want a new one” and until you order it, it takes a while.

During that time one usually will: Watch videos Read reviews Check testimonials Analyze its features Compare features Get a feel of the brand trust level Check best deals

Now, why this is gold? Because it’s a strong signal FaceBook anticipates a purchase days/weeks before it actually happens. One intent sign, for example, is reading reviews about products.

Which means that… if you’re now reading reviews… you’re somewhere in the process of getting a new bike, but not 100% ready to buy it. But what you’re ready for, is getting further down the funnel and getting more information about it.

Again, why this is gold? - In one word "opportunity" Because it clearly shows an opportunity. Apart from the people that are ready to buy, you can have Facebook send you traffic that is in the research phase and those people will read YOUR reviews, watch YOUR demo video and see YOUR name and YOUR brand. This gives you the chance to properly brand and seed your pixel with events that show interest, show intent into your products.

So, what can you do today? Start sending custom events whenever someone spends time on your reviews.

Once you do that, you will have a bunch of events from more people than you do by using the Purchase event because that’s the rarest of events. And once you collect a bunch of events, you will have a strong seed audience you can create a lookalike around.

Doing it another way is much like trying to seduce someone else’s bride on their wedding day.ront of them even in the day they want to purchase, they probably won’t purchase from you but from who they trust instead.

Jab - Jab - Jab

Doing it other way is much like trying to seduce someone else’s bride on their wedding day.


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