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Ad Costs Burning A Hole In Your Wallet? Try this.

If you’re not constantly building warm audiences for your high ticket offer, what are you doing?

Wasting money. The best way to increase your ROAS and decrease your cost per lead is to have a primed audience to target. So I want to break down exactly what’s been working for us when it comes to building and targeting a warm audience for high ticket coaching programs. Here’s what we are going to cover: TOF - Stupid-Simple Video Strategy (Step by Step) MOF - Ad Set Formula BOF - Ecosystem Setup Now let’s jump in.

>>> TOF | Video Strategy This video strategy is the core of how we build warm audiences. And this apocalypse/pandemic has only made this strategy even more powerful... Everyone is stuck at home consuming even more social media content than usual. This means even more opportunity to get in front of new audiences. So here’s a step by step breakdown of how to implement the strategy. Create 5-7 one minute videos Focus on bringing out personality and showing off expertise. Remember the goal of these videos is not to sell, it’s to build a warm audience. So follow the Know, Like, Trust rule and just provide pure value. **Side Note - We’ve never used professional videos (although you can). We have our clients create quick videos using their phone. Post & Boost 1 video On Your Facebook Business Page Each Day Set your budget for each video to $1/day and run each video boost for 10 days. Set your audience to fit the ideal client as best as possible and focus on a size of 2-10 million. Find Winning Video After you've boosted each video for 10 days you'll start seeing which videos performed best. It typically takes about 2 weeks and costs $50-$70 to finish testing a set of videos. Once you've boosted each video for 10 days, analyze which video was the winner. Look at which video got way more views, engagement, and traction than the rest. Reboost Winning Video After you find your winning video, reboost it with the same budget ($1/day) And then repeat the process with a new batch of videos. >>> MOF | Ad Set Formula This is when we start retargeting our warm audience. We start out by creating a custom audiences based on Video View % of the winning videos.

So here’s a breakdown of each ad set’s audience. Ad Set 1: People Who Viewed At Least 25% of The Video In The Past 14 Days Ad Set 2: People Who Viewed At Least 50% of The Video In The Past 14 Days Ad Set 3: All Page Engagements on Instagram & Facebook To avoid any overlap, we exclude the whichever two audiences aren't being targeted.

Here’s what that looks like. Ad Set 1: Exclude People Who Viewed 50% of The Video & All Page Engagements Ad Set 2: Exclude People Who Viewed 25% of The Video & All Page Engagements Ad Set 3: Exclude People Who Viewed 50% and People Who Viewed 25% Within these ad sets we typically run 3 different ad creatives and stick to 1 copy. A lot of people like to test ad copy before testing ad creatives but we like to focus on figuring out what grabs attention first.

Here’s the layout for the ad creatives: Ad Creative 1: Lifestyle Photo or Meme Ad Creative 2: Photo Conveying The Ideal Client’s Biggest Pain Ad Creative 3: Photo Conveying The Ideal Client’s Biggest Desire If you don't have any lifestyle or professional photos of themselves, we just use a meme which tends to work very well. Here is a breakdown of the ad copy:

- Headline - [Offer Name + Benefit + Type Of Offer] Ex. [FREE TRAINING] How To Burn Fat Without Counting Calories - Body - Question that gets an implied yes. Make sure it speaks directly to your audience. Build Rapport with a connecting statement/empathy Describe how you used to deal with X (audience’s biggest problem) and how it felt. The audience should think “yeah that’s me right now” Add Urgency Use words like “right now” or “today” to add urgency. Ex. In today’s free training State The Offer Tell the audience what you’re giving them/what your lead magnet will do for them. Call To Action Provide a clear call to action. >>> BOF | Ecosystem This is where we set up our retargeting campaign to work as an ecosystem for nurturing leads and staying top of mind. So here’s what the ad sets look like: Ad Set 1: All Page Views (Landing Page Visitors) In The Past 14 Days Ad Set 2: All View Contents (Webinar Viewers/Opt-ins) In The Past 14 Days Ad Set 3: All Add To Carts (Calendar Page Visitors) In The Past 14 Days Ad Set 4: All Purchases (Booked Calls/Strategy Sessions) In The Past 14 Days Again, to avoid overlap - we add exclusions. Here’s what that looks like: Ad Set 1: Exclude View Contents, Add To Carts, and Purchases Ad Set 2: Exclude Page Views, Add To Carts, and Purchases Ad Set 3: Exclude Page Views, View Contents, and Purchases Ad Set 4: Exclude Page Views, View Contents, and Add To Carts The ad copy and creative setup for this campaign is simple. We typically run 1 ad creative with 1 ad copy and tie them both together. We like to use 1 of 2 things for the ad creative. 1. Client Video Testimonial 2. Short Video Of The Coach/Consultant Talking About Fixing Audience’s Biggest Pain Client Video Testimonials work best but if you don’t have any then use option 2. The ad copy just basically overviews what’s said in the video with a call to action at the end. And that call to action is telling the audience to book a call. So send the leads directly to your calendar/booking page. This strategy has been killing it for our high ticket offer campaigns. We hope this was useful to you all. Let us know if you guys have any questions.


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