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A Must-Read for Anyone Running Facebook Ads

Updated: May 19

Here are some important things to remember about campaign budget optimization(CBO).

1. CBO gets better with time.

The more data you give your CBO campaign the better it will perform. So don’t expect the best results on day #1 of testing (even though it can do great on day #1, don’t be surprised if it’s not doing well). The lesson here is to be patient and make sure the quality of your ads are good.

2. Do not run more than 9 ad sets in 1 CBO campaign

The mechanics underneath the hood of a CBO campaign were built specifically for a low amount of ad sets. So don’t launch 50 ad sets into 1 campaign. Launch a few ad sets with a higher budget. (However, don’t always take my word for it, test all these variables. We are just sharing what we know works).

3. CBO is more likely to work when working with proven ad sets

We’ve mentioned CBO gets better with time + the more data the CBO campaign has, the better the results. This makes it apparent that it’s easier to scale a CBO campaign if you’ve already tested with daily budgeting. Right now daily budgets work really well, so test your ad set first then add all your best-performing ad sets into 1 CBO campaign. It should do really well.

4. CBO must have a minimum budget of $20 per ad set

After testing this and speaking with some of the top Facebook engineers for CBO, we’ve discovered that it’s best to have a minimum of $20 allocated per ad set. This means if you have 5 ad sets in 1 campaign, then the CBO budget should be $100 per day ($20 per ad set). This will make sure you get ranked in the auction to receive better quality traffic.

5. Set a minimum & maximum daily spend per ad set

If you’ve been running CBO campaigns, then you know that the campaign will not spend the budget equally amongst all the ad sets. The key here is setting the minimum & maximum daily ad spend in the budgeting section of the ad set (click advanced settings to do this).

We set a minimum daily spend to ensure all of the ad sets get equal attention. However, you might want to give a little wiggle room

The 2015 - 2017 era of blasting $5 ads have been laid to rest, and a new era has been born.

This new era of Facebook advertising is still blurry for most people because they’re hung up on the past instead of working on testing.

Here are some of the methods we use to optimize campaigns in 2020 and beyond.

1. We launch a $100+ per day CBO campaign with 5 ad sets (must have $20 per ad set allocated) and I allow this to run for 4-8 days. Set the minimum budget for $18 to make sure the spend gets fed out equally.

2. Take your best winning ad sets and duplicate them into a new CBO campaign, set the budget to $250 per day. Do not go over 9 ad sets in a CBO campaign unless your budget is high (above $500 or even $1k). CBO is not built for tons of ad sets. It’s better to have a few ad sets in each. Make sure you set a minimum ad set budget so it spends equally.

3. Want to skip CBO? Run 1 ad set per campaign. This circumvents the CBO process so the campaign only has 1 ad set to optimize. This means daily ad set budgets haven’t died, but it’s still possible!

These methods of tried and true with a large volume of ad spend. Test them out and report back to us to let us know if it also works on your account.


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