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5 Costly FB Ads Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

To save you the headache and money, we are addressing 5 common Facebook advertising mistakes you should be avoiding this year!

1. Thinking Targeting is the end all be all

•Targeting is important, but there's more to it that makes an ad successful or flop

•Surely you've heard at least one person say, "We just can't seem to find the right audience"- Oftentimes the issue lay in that their offer, copy, and/or creative just isn't perceived as attractive, which will always result in a failed campaign.

•Remember to use LAA's and the Audience Insights tool, but if the copy and creative is poor, you're leaving customers on the table!

2. Judging Results Too Early •You should wait at least 7 days in most cases before deciding to make tweaks to your ads •Remember that we are marketing to REAL HUMAN BEINGS- sometimes people take several weeks or even months to talk it over with their spouse or what have you before making a purchase decision.

3. Choosing the Wrong Campaign Objective •We know this is super cliche, but it's crucial. (We actually wrote a couple of previous posts on this! If you missed it let us know and we will message it to you) •You've probably heard "Oh, you need 50+ weekly conversions in order to fully optimize a conversion campaign." This is true, but even if you're getting 20-30 weekly conversions, FB can still partially optimize the campaign or get close to optimization. •A partially optimized conversion campaign will still do better than a traffic, reach, or awareness campaign assuming that conversions are your goal!

4. Neglecting Creative •We touched on this in #1, but if you're serious about generating a return from FB ads and settle for "just ok" creative, you're shooting yourself in the foot! •The difference between professional creative and "just ok" creative when putting it in front of your audience is MASSIVE. (We once heard someone say that they changed nothing but their creative, and cut their cost per customer acquisition in half🤯) •Your creative and copy is the thing your audience is seeing- this is what gets people to take action. •If you need to get a professional photographer or videographer, it's well worth it because the difference it makes is substantial!

5. Overcomplicating the Sales Funnel •If you're advertising something simple, use simple marketing strategies •You shouldn't have a 7-8 step funnel unless your service or product is thousands of dollars- there will be way too much drop-off and you will likely find yourself paying far too much to acquire each new customer. •Keep it simple and run a direct-to-offer conversion campaign.

We Hope this you avoid some pitfalls and feel free to drop a question or comment below!


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