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4 Tricks to Increase Your Online Revenue With NO Ad Spend

Create a lead magnet with a simple funnel (Should be all automated).

We just created this little map for you to use for your eCommerce store. The cool thing is that this doesn't cost money, it just takes time.

So let's go through the funnel

1).You firstly need to have enough traffic to your website or platform to collect the emails. A great way to grow on your platform is through social media: Just posting every day isn't enough. You need to actually engage with your audience and community!

When you are getting 500/1,000 website visitors each week, it is important to monetize this. 2). The most effective way is to deliver value in exchange for an email! How you can do this is to create a blog post specifically for a topic, and drop a lead magnet (eBook or piece of value) that will be sent to them in exchange for their email.

3). Once you have captured their email, it is time to send them the eBook and deliver weekly value to build a relationship and build trust with your audience so you have the right to sell them later on.

4). After sending out massive value each week for 4-6 weeks, it's time to pitch your offer. This can be in any form: a digital product, physical product, consult or even a membership to a Facebook group!

That is how you naturally can sell to your audience. Fortunately, it is all able to be automated so you don't have to do this all manually.

Anyways, we hope at least 1 eCommerce business here can take advantage of what we've just talked about and implement it into their business.

For any questions regarding this simplistic funnel, please feel free to contact us for more information.


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