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4 Things to Do at Home During A Quarantine

The majority of us are stuck inside during this global quarantine and many are left without an idea what to do during this time. We decided to make a shortlist of activities that you and your family can do indoors.

Home workout

Many are left without the ability to go to their local gyms to get a workout. This doesn't mean you can't workout at home. It's the perfect time to get ahead and sweat out some stress with a great workout. Check out Amazon for workout equipment.

Time to cook

Now is time to brush up on your cooking skills. Trust us your family will thank us. There are many quick, easy and delicious recipes online. We recommend online shopping for your food but if you cannot go to your local grocery store.

Spend time with your kids

Many of us work all the time so now is a good time to spend even more time with your kids and try out new board games, learning and more. You can find kids' entertainment on Amazon.

Learn something new

It's the perfect time to learn a new skill, learn a new language, etc. Many still are homeschooling their kids and that's a great way to educate but don't forget to educate yourself also. Pick up a new book, a new online course, etc. You can find online courses on

We hope you enjoyed this short list of quarantine activities. We will provide many more activities over time.


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