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3 Ways You Can Use Custom Landing Pages To Make More Profit

Let’s get right into it.

How are you running ads for your E-commerce store?

Are you just sending people to product pages or collection pages?

If yes, you may be leaving money on the table…

Let me give you a little background.

In November, we posted a list of 17 tips that E-commerce business owners can use to crush it on Black Friday.

The tips were geared towards Black Friday, but the reality is they can be used to crush any sale…

Tip number #17 was sending traffic to a custom landing page. Basically, if you send people to a custom landing page that immediately tells people what your sale is, show customer testimonials, trust badges, etc., you can increase your conversion rate and get a higher ROAS.

Have you ever wondered if it would make sense for YOU to get a custom landing page?

Well, we’ve tested it for you!

December 26 was Boxing Day, when many retailers and ecom stores do big discounts to clear warehouses at the end of the year and maximize revenues.

Naturally, we took advantage of it and created a custom Boxing Day landing page for one of our clients (by the way, it’s in the post image).

We split tested sending traffic directly to the store and to the landing page.

Results? Exactly what we expected.

Landing page: Ad spend: $1,037.97 Revenue: $3,302.73 ROAS: 3.18

Straight to the store:

Ad spend: $1,160.66

Revenue: $3,345.48

ROAS: 2.88

Yes, we know. The ad spend wasn’t very high ($2.2k), but still the custom landing page got 10% higher ROAS than ads that sent people straight to the store.

Is it a big difference? Yes. You make an extra $100 with every $1,000 you spend. That’s pretty nice, right?

If you had custom landing pages for your evergreen promos and different product lines, it would make a HUGE difference.

This may be an extra $1,000 in revenue for every $10,000 you spend. An extra $10k for every $100k. The bottom line is - this stuff works and you can use it to make more money!

Now how can you apply this to YOUR store?

1)Get custom landing pages for all your evergreen promos and deals.

Start with just one and optimize it. Do you offer an additional $50 off if people buy a bundle for $300? Great, put it on a landing page.

Communicate the offer clearly. Make the benefits easily visible. Forget discount codes, automate everything. Use testimonials (ideally videos). Put trust badges on your landing page (30-day money-back guarantee, secure checkout, approved by X organization, as seen on Y, and the list goes on and on…).

2) Get a custom landing page for every single one of your sales.

You get the point. I showed you proof above 😉

One additional great benefit? It’s SUPER easy to optimize landing pages. You can easily A/B or multivariate test stuff. Just create another variation of your LP and that’s it… Much easier than optimizing the whole store right?

3) Get landing pages for your best-selling products and bundles.

There are reasons your best selling product is the best selling, right?

Ask your customers for testimonials. Literally, survey them and ask why they bought. In exchange, offer them a discount on their next order (this is also a great tactic to make your customers come back).

Use their exact words on your landing page. Also use tools like the Text Analyzer from Online Utility to find what words are used most often (SUPER POWERFUL).


There are many more options, those are just 3 examples.

We hope you enjoyed these tips. If you did please let us a comment.


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