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2,000 people signed up for a Med Spa session

If you own a Medspa we are giving away a free paid advertising tip that will increase your Medial Spa's sales.

What’s the key? Here are some critical factors in Facebook Paid Advertising

1. You need a great offer or a strong reason your customer would sign up for your services. 2. You need to do single based targeting and duplicate the ads. We would split test 5-15 ads and look at the cost per click, cost per action taken. 3. Your Ad Creative has to be able to capture attention in 1-4 seconds as our attention span has gone down. 4. Your Ad Copy needs to hook the consumer right off the bat! 5. Your call to action needs to be clear and concise. 6. Add systems for sign-ups and purchases. 7. Profit.

If you are looking to bring more customers to your business we suggest implementing this strategy for your Facebook paid advertising. Please feel free to message us for further questions or tips.


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